Leadership lessons: driving economic growth in a diverse world

It’s been fascinating to see Asia’s phenomenal economic growth. One that many international observers have termed a ‘miracle’. Based in Singapore, the drivers that I have observed that contributed to ...

5G in 5 years?

A phenomenon has developed at telecoms industry events in 2016: the miniature city. I first noticed this earlier this year around the time that news from Mobile World Congress was ...

Platform-based business models – face-to-face with disruption?

It’s time for CIOs to think differently In recent years, the wind of change has switched direction. Instead of increased globalisation, digital disruption is the major talking point. According to ...

Partnering in Change

Change two things about live event streaming and you change everything. First, imagine bringing the immersive impact of the best apps, video games and augmented experiences to live broadcast. That ...


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